Title: Do You Blame The Rain 
Length: 25:20’
Format: HD
Ratio: 16:9 Colour
Sound: Stereo
Year: 2017
Language: French and English 
Subtitles: English

From May 25th till June 5th 2015, 18 French, Dutch and Indonesian musicians toured Indonesia to revive an ancient Sundanese legend;
Bujangga Manik.
These images were captured during six stages
from Jakarta to Bali following the trail of the legend.
A musical encounter between Gran Kino and Sarasvati that intensified by the kilometre.

Sara de Sousa - vocals/piano
G.W. Sok - vocals
Remi Velotti - bass/keyboard
Morgan Arnault - drums/percussion
Robin Genetier - guitar/bass/manager France
Risa Saraswati - vocals
Marshella Safira - vocals
Indra Kusmah - guitar
Gallang Perdena - bass
Fajar Shiddiq - drums
Gigi Priadji - sequencer
Kevin Renaldi - keyboard
Iman Jimbot - kecapi/suling/kendang
Hugo Genetier - light engineer Gaël Marguin - sound engineer Ahmad Ramdan - stage manager Satriono - monitors/backline Butong Butski - manager Indonesia
INSTITUT FRANÇAIS Louis Presset - Bandung Ricky Arnold - Bandung Elisabeth Simonet - Jakarta
Mr Bertrand de Harting, Conseiller de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle auprès l’Ambassadeur de France en Indonésie
Mr Didier Vuillecot, Attaché Culturel à l’Institut Français d’Indonésie
Dimas Jayasrana - Jakarta
Sundanese - Sarasvati & Gran Kino
Poets and Painters - Sarasvati & Gran Kino 
Mountain - Sarasvati & Gran Kino
SOUND RECORDING Gaël Marguin & Christina Hallström
EDITOR Bertil Dubach
DIRECTOR Christina Hallström - camera/sound
2017©Sarasvati & Gran Kino
2017©Christina Hallström

titel: Latitude 58
length: 14'
format: HD
ratio: 16:9
year: 2013

A persistent and precise focus on the delicate interrelation of body and landscape gives birth to a dance that consist of several layers but remains transparent; a dance that that takes the viewer on a journey into the experience of a dancing body at play with it’s inner and outer spaces.


idea and synsopsis: Frank van de Ven & Christina Hallström
dance & choreography: Frank van de Ven
landscape: Fårö
director, camera & sound: Christina Hallström
editing support: Bertil Dubach

2012 Oktober - DvCam 8,18'
A dreamlike encounter in a field between a horse and a dancer
With Bibbi Winberg and her horse Mira
Soundtrack by Andy Moor and Yannis Kyriakides


2010 Sub - Dv 5’ short film shot below water based on the soundtrack Monome by Knob a Siesta

2010 Swing - Dv 1’ one minute spinoff
screened during the Nederlandse Dansdagen in Maastricht and during Cinedans Moving Media Festival 2010

2010 Shine of light - Dv 3.30’ short dance with light
screened during Cinedans Moving Media Festival 2010

2010 Robodock, Art and Technolgy Festival, documentary 2010 camera, interviews
watch The Fenix 2010

2008 Noctiluca Miliaris - Dv Cam 17’
short film shot below water where movement is translated into light. The choreography is developed through improvisation together with dancer Lisa Larsdotter Petersson.
Soundtrack based on underwater recordings
by composer Märt-Matis Lill.
watch excerpt
Could be seen in total at NIMK mediatheek until 2012
Paide Festival Kolmkõla, Estland 2009
Stenungsunds Kulturhus 2009
EHL - Estonian Music Days, Movie Theatre Artis Tallinn, Estland 2010
EHL - Estonian Music Days

2008 Getatchew Mekuria en The Ex in het Hagar Fekir Theatre, Addis Abeba - concert registratie, Dv
watch excerpt

2007 Robodock, Art and Technolgy Festival, documentary 2007 camera, interviews, Robodock website
Robodock on youtube

2007 Josiah- Dvd, 2,5’ Instant composing at the docklands
SOT, Konstfilmfestivalen, Konsthallen, Stenungsund, Sweden 2007

2007 de Hallen #01 and #02 - Dv, 7’
commission by Amsterdam Municipality Old-West
more info

2007 TAZ - Temporary Autonomous Zone -Dvd, 14’
a short film about a small anarchist campsite in The Netherlands
Pinksterlanddagen 2007, Appelscha, Netherlands
Anarchism festival Wageningen, Netherlands
SOT, Konstfilmfestivalen, Konsthallen, Stenungsund, Sweden 2007
Domela Nieuwenhuis Museum, Heerenveen, Netherlands 2007
Burgers, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2008, Havenkwartier Deventer 2009

2007 Hoppet - S8, 2'
Fort Europa, Cultureel Centrum Corrosia, Almere, Netherlands 2007

2006 Maskros - Dvd, 3’
video for a performance at Kulturhuset Fregatten, Skärhamn dec 2006

2006 Amor De Familia - Dv, 5’
Short film made together with Dorothee Meddens in 3 days during a competition at Documenta Madrid 2006

2006 De ontmoeting - Dv, 10’
the encounter between mentally disabled professional artists and the local community in the neighbourhood the Pijp in Amsterdam.
Kunstwerkplaats and the Fabriek, 17 feb. Amsterdam 2006

2005 Robodock, Art and Technolgy Festival, documentary 2005 - Dvd, 60’ camera, interviews

2005 Öö- Dv - 5.28’
artfilm inspired by the Estonian composer Märt-Matis Lill
Grand Theatre, RIFF Groningen 2005
Art Video Screening, Västerås, Sweden April 2006
Konstfilmfestivalen, Wågermanska Konsthallen, Skärhamn, Sweden july 2006

2004 DVD release Beautiful Frenzy with 90 min. extra material
Distribution-Moskwood Media and The Ex
Moskwood Media
The Ex

2004 Robodock, Art and Technolgy Festival, documentary 2004
Dv - 25’
camera, interviews
Robodock website

2003 Catkin - Dv 1’
Impakt Festival, Centraal Museum Utrecht 2003
Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, NIMK/Time Based Arts, 2003
Ministery of education, Culture and Science The Hague, dec. 2003
Viper International FilmFestival , Basel, Switzerland march 2006
Art Video Screening, Västerås, Sweden April 2006

2002 Zoo at war, a videotriptych - Dv 25’
projected at the Resistance Museum Amsterdam during the exhibition ‘Brood Jatten bij de Beren’ sept2002-april2003
broadcasted on Kunstkanaal/Artchannel May 2 2004
watch excerpt

2001 Beautiful Frenzy, a portrait of The Ex, documentary
Digi-Beta 52’
Première International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam 2001
see screeninglist
watch videoclip
Cut Productions
The Ex

1998 without title - High 8, 7'
videoinstallation, projection on boiling kettle,
while coffie is being made
Gerrit Rietveld Academy 1998
De stelling voorbij, 1800 Roeden, 1999
SOT, Konstfilmfestivalen, Konsthallen, Stenungsund, Sweden 2007
contact me if you're interested in the installation
during a festival or event