zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

Exhibition at Impact8 Printmaking Festival Scotland 28th Aug- 1st Sept 2013

Opening Preview thursday 29th 17.30 DJCAD
expo until- 1st Sept 2013 
General Foundation Studio 5

Title: Hill
Format (heightxwidthxdepth): 350x200x200cm
Year: 2012
Technique: screenprinted videostills/fiberart

My research had a lot to do with transparency and grain. The ‘film-strips’ are screenprinted on thin JiangSu silk fabric which hang free from the ceiling in an arranged group. Due to the fabrics’ transparency the images can be seen from both sides. The ink in combination with the silk builds up its own grain. 
I try to translate a video sequence into print, and make a multi-interpretable image where the eye can wonder in all directions, and zoom in and out in a sort of reversed or ‘slow’ filmmaking.

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