zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

Finissage 1 November 3PM, SBK/Bagagehal Amsterdam

Multiple Adaptations, from Poem to Poem from Poem to Visual Art
Welcome at the finissage of the exchange exhibition between Chinese and Dutch artists on Sunday November 1st at SBK/Bagagehal at 3 PM.

From Poem to Visual Art to Music
The And (guitar - Nicolas Lafourest / voice - G.W. Sok) and Su Lin- Pipa (Chinese Lute and voice)
The musicians will  improvise some pieces based on a couple of the exhibition’s poems.
The And plays a certain kind of guitar-poetry. The specific “sing/speak” style of G.W. Sok (ex-The Ex) combined with the bright and melodic, sometimes abstract soundscapes of Lafourest’s electric guitar. Their repertoire consists of own material, plus songs of others molded into playful reinterpretations.

Su Lin is born in  Suzhou, China but left to the Netherlands after graduating from the Conservatory. As a soprano she toured with the famous flute player Chris Hinze. She masters the instrument Pipa and is schooled in classic and modern Chinese singing. 

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